Chimply is a website to create custom animated loading images and buttons online for free.
What is Chimply?
Chimply is a free online tool to easily create loading images, buttons and badges for your website.

Is Chimply free?
Absolutely, Chimply is free and all the images generated by Chimply are free to use.

Can I download my image in another format than GIF?
For now you can do it only for static image (buttons and badges). Click on the down arrow near the GIF button and a pulldown menu will show up with a list of various formats.

What is the difference between "Workspace" and "Last Generated Images?"
"Workspace" lists all the images that you have created while "Last Generated Images" lists the last ten images created by all the users of Chimply.

What are the browsers supported by Chimply?
Firefox 3, Internet Explorer 7, Safari 3, Opera 9 and Google Chrome.

Why should I register?
By registering, you will be able to save your favorite image generator settings in a library and then reuse them later. Also your workspace is stored so that you don't lose your generated images when you close your browser or when you use another computer. More features are under development.

What's next for Chimply?
We are continuously adding more image types and more features.