Chimply is a website to create custom animated loading images and buttons online for free.

Chimply is a website to easily generate loading image indicators, buttons and badges without any software and prior knowledge in graphic design.

Chimply is a pet project that started in March 2008 in NYC, NY, US.

Feel free to send your feedback by either sending a message to or by using the feedback form.

Chimply uses the following technologies:

It uses the following fonts:
  • Amadeus by Bright Ideas
  • Black Jack by Typadelic
  • Fearless by Jakob Fischer /
  • Hominis by Paul Lloyd
  • Jungle Fever by Nick's Fonts
  • Pacifico by Vernon Adams
  • Riesling by Bright Ideas Fonts
  • Undercover by Jakob Fischer /

  • Special thanks to Said Bakr for all his feedbacks over the past two years.

    The chimp image was created by Ryan Shaw Illustrations.